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PolyKill: A Gaming Podcast

Do you have more games than time to play them? So do Jake and Travis! Join them as they journey through their back catalog of current and classic games, consider upcoming releases, and discuss newsworthy trends in their favorite hobby.

Apr 28, 2016

In this episode, Jake waxes eloquent about the joys of Farcry Primal, and Trav discuss his love of an NES classic and it's sequel. Games are checked in and out of the backlog and "mid-cycle" console releases are the topic of discussion! 

Apr 19, 2016

Welcome to Collect Call! A special series from PolyKill that is all about collecting video games and maybe a few other things as well! In the first episode of the series, Trav interviews Doug (@megacollector) about his game collection, his methodology for collecting, tips, tricks, and more! 

Apr 13, 2016

Episode 17 finds the discussion turning to tough games and how they affect our backlog, key rage quitting moments in our gaming careers, and more. We check the radar for games that will be releasing soon that may be on our backlogs eventually!