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PolyKill: A Gaming Podcast

Do you have more games than time to play them? So do Jake and Travis! Join them as they journey through their back catalog of current and classic games, consider upcoming releases, and discuss newsworthy trends in their favorite hobby.

Aug 23, 2016

In this the eighth episode of the Collect Call series from the guys that bring you PolyKill, Travis interviews a set of in-laws that collect and enjoy retro games! Listen as they share their unlikely story and talk about great finds and the local Pennsylvania collecting scene! 

Aug 11, 2016

Episode 24 finds Jake and Trav discussing their earliest gaming memories from the arcade to first home consoles, up and coming games on the radar and what games (if any.......Jake) they have beaten. More titles make it on to the backlog and the ethical naming creatures in No Man's Sky is discussed. 

Aug 4, 2016

In the 7th episode of the collect call series, Travis interviews Ryan, an avid Nintendo collector and man with remarkable Tetris habits! Listen as they discuss collecting and more!