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PolyKill: A Gaming Podcast

Do you have more games than time to play them? So do Jake and Travis! Join them as they journey through their back catalog of current and classic games, consider upcoming releases, and discuss newsworthy trends in their favorite hobby.

Jan 30, 2017

In episode 33, the podcast revisits its roots. Jake and Trav discuss how they track, justify, and maintain adding and removing games to their backlog, as well as discussing games that have done just that since the last episode. id5aeh3q

Jan 23, 2017

Something brand new from the PolyKill hosts has arrived, Off-Killter! This is an unscripted and off-topic podcast from Jake and Trav that will be less about video games and more about other topics that they enjoy discussing! The first foray of this new series is about other primary interests and in the premiere episode,...

Jan 16, 2017

With Travis basking in the afterglow of Magfest music is fresh on his mind so this episode's discussion is all about game music. Armed with 5 songs each Jake and Trav share some of the favorite game music, discuss the games that have made their way into and out of their backlog, and more! 

Jan 2, 2017

2016 was the most interesting trip around the Sun that we have taken, and the same can be said for the gaming accomplishments of Jake and Trav! Listen along as they discuss the games they completed, added to their collections and a variety of superlatives!